Martin Burrell beat Jamie Bodle 2-0 to take the title.

After topping his group Burrell enjoyed great victorys in the knockout stage beating Lee Spick 3-0 in the quarters and bash maqsood 3-1 in the semis before beating Jamie Bodle 2-0 in the final to take the 140 first prize 

Troy Brett defeated Scott Gibbins to take the plate competition and the 70 first prize.

Jamie Barrett had the highest break of the day with a 117, Ashley Walker had 104 and Martin Burrell had 111.

88 breaks over 30 were recorded with 46 of those 50 or above.

Ashley Walker and Jamie Barret were on fire in the group stages to say the least, Walker had runs of 104, 61,53,57,44,34,55,97,78,84,69,55,89,64 and 71 and Barret 53,69,52,71,49,54,93,64,117,54,44,57,75 and 40....