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How It Works

There will be 11 Sunday Qualifying tournaments starting May, followed by the grand finals in April 2015, Each monthly qualifying tournament will offer a prize fund and ranking points, there is also a plate competition


Format & Prize Fund


Each monthly event will be either round robin groups or straight knockout competition depending on the number of entrants.


£15 Entry Fee per Event

£10 goes into the main & plate competitions / main 75% / plate 25%

£2 into the grand finals prize pot

£3 *Derbyshire Snooker Admin Fees*

£1 Voluntary per player for the highest break on the day


Each tournament will be handicapped using the official Derbyshire Snooker handicap system HERE

Each of the 11 Sunday Competitions are technically qualifying events and will offer you ranking points, to be known as the ‘Open Tour’ 
Although you do not need to attend each qualifying event, obviously the more events you do attend the more ranking points you are likely to rack-up.
At the end of the final qualifying event in March 2015 the top 32 ranked players in the ‘Open Tour’ will qualify for the grand finals in April.

Tournament Rules

1) The Derbyshire ‘Open Tour’ is open to all players.

2) The Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse admission.

3) All handicaps are Derbyshire Snooker based, visit

4) Entrance fee to be paid on the day of event.

5) All matches played to World Snooker Rules except the miss rule, which will, unless the full miss rule is agreed by both players prior to the start of play, the default 3 miss rule will be in operation. The three strikes & you lose the frame if ball on rule DOES NOT APPLY

6) No dress code, Except for Grand Finals.

7) The Tournament Director's decision will be final in all cases.

8) Handicaps may be applied or adjusted by the tournament director.


All Tournaments will start at 11.00 am Registration from 9.00 am

(Free practice for all competitors)


A full list of each players ranking & highest breaks will appear on the Rankings page on the website HERE

To reiterate although you do not need to attend each qualifying event, obviously the more events you do attend the more ranking points you are likely to rack-up. 

Ranking Points Tariff


Main Comp
Main Tournament Winner = 1000 points
Runner-up = 800 points
Semi-finals = 640 points
Quarters Finals = 500 points
Last 16 Losers = 380 points
Last 32 Losers = 280 points

Last 64-128 = 150 points

If knockout First Round Losers = Entry into plate Competition


Plate Comp
Plate Winner = 400 points
Runner-up = 320 points

Semi-Finals = 240 points
Quarters Finals = 180 points
Last 16 losers = 120 points
Last 32 losers = 80 points

Last 64-128 = 40 points


Points can only be awarded once. I.e. If you are awarded plate points then you DO NOT qualify for main points.


Full rankings list will be displayed on & websites


The Grand Finals - Sunday 5th April 2015


The 12th and final event will be the Grand Finals held in April 2015, this event will be a straight knockoutBest of 7 frames between the top 32 ranked players as per the final ranking list in March 2015.


Smart Dress shoes trousers & collard shirt for Grand Finals


Eventual prize fund will be calculated from the entry fees of the 32 qualifying players & the (£2) subs that have accumulated over the previous 11 qualifying rounds; this is estimated at over £1000.

Cueball Derby has sponsored £100 Cash & £160 Club vouchers into the Grand Finals prize pot.

All players reaching the grand finals will receive a prize.


Highest Break over all events & including the grand finals will carry a purse of £1 per point; this will be  paid out of the monthly £2 subs.

The player ranked 1st will play the player ranked 32nd / 2nd v 31st etc ensuring that the 1st & 2nd ranked players will not be able to meet until the final should they both get there. 

If the 32nd ranked position is tied the following structure will come into operation, most events entered, if there is still a tie then most frames won over all events, if still tie a best of 5 frame play off match.


Should anybody from the top 32 not be available on that day their place will be taken by anyone who turns up from outside the top 32 working in order of the next highest rank to make up the final 32 players.

Prizes will only be allocated to the 32 players who play on the day


Notice of Non Attendance on the day to notify (T.D) within 48 hours of the start of play.

If you require any further information contact Jimmy Gratton (Tournament Director) on 07971 397681 Email: